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Avid FX6. Fazz Powell: If I'm not mistaken there some type of "classic" mode on Sorry to dissapoint, but there is no classic mode for What you see is what you get. It is possible to change the layout using floating panels to something similar and then save the workspace so you can go back to it. TVJohn: Still, any number of comments have been made over the last few years regarding how "old" MC looks.

Sure but this new look still looks old but with different colors and fonts. The changes for a large part are changes for changes sake. I see very little that speeds up my workflow and was more than mildly amused watching an online before saying it made him lightning fast when in fact he had actually using as many if not more mouse and KB actions to achieve the result AFTER a spending time on long setup. I have seen dozens of requests for improving folders and the ability to create new bins in folders but have not seen any for tabbed bin containers that need sidebars.

For me it would have been a no brainer to create the ability to create and save project templates. This would have offered time saving setup and project layout time saving for just about every person that edits similar projects to every organisation that uses multiple assistant editors. All with no time spent on learning the newest shuffle of the menus and commands. TVJohn: Competitors have been steadily tweeking their UIs over the last few years, Avid can not afford to appear stagnant. Can they afford to look like their ideas are at best marginal adaptations of their competitors, just a few years late?

Personally I have no issues with the new UI. Most of the same functions are there as stated in the comment above. The menus have moved around but once you get use to that its still MC. A tabbed bin is not that major of a change to disrupt editing on the timeline. I am having stability issues but overall I edit the same. A blend mode would have been nice as well as a project template. And someone understanding of Title Plus. Just saying Avid. Overall my editing is the same.

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I had many discusions about the cons and pros of other NLE systems. And yes, there are some positive aspects and skills, which other NLEs have.

Powerful looks and color correction for filmmakers

But I never heard before, that anyone argues with the style of the user interface. Stereoscopic aware text and effects. When text or certain effects are placed on stereoscopic footage, MC applies these to each individual eye. Spatial, temporal, color, depth and alignment adjustments are also available. Plus, it looks cool.

From inside the Media Composer or Symphony v6 application, all of these items can be browsed and purchased with no need for a separate application.

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If a user is interested in stock footage, users can download a proxy which they can work with, and Avid will automatically link to the high res media when it has been purchased and downloaded. Media Composer 6 Interface Click to enlarge. The UI has also received a much-needed facelift. Changing layouts in any application has always been a sticky situation for a manufacturer.

Update it and you run the risk of alienating the veterans. Leave it as it and your look becomes dated. Avid has made a leap into the current new millennium, while retaining the same muscle memory needed to appease the dyed-ion-the-wool editors. AMA clips are no longer displayed as yellow, but rather appear as locked icon for audio and video. Tabs are also dockable to their parent window.

Premiere and After Effects among others have done this for years, and helps to eliminate the space taken up by having dozens of bins open.

Avid Media Composer - First - Installation and Download

This is aided by the new ability to drag tools onto a single tab window. Symphony can now be run in software only mode. Previously, a Nitris DX was needed to launch the application. Geeks rejoice: Windows UNC paths are now supported! It is a separate process. XML Site settings. As you launch or quit a project, the user settings have historically been stored into an AVS file.

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Now, they are saved to an XML file. While on the surface this means very little for the user the only difference is the XML file takes a little bit longer to save I like seeing Avid starting to use more XML — even in this limited fashion. Audio: 5. Audio mapping via AMA has also been added. This meant a real time cross conversion, or a conversion device.

This is no longer neccessary. This release is no exception. I expect after 6. Thank you Michael. To bad Avid didnt just post this at their webcast instead of burying us in PR bullshit.

Other New Features

Nice job. Like colorista has its 3-way color corrector inside Premiere Pro. Did I misunderstand something? But it still looks like a great update that is certainly moving in the right direction. I think a big takeaway is that Avid has just crossed the 64bit threshold. Crawl before you walk, eh?

Avid has the lb Gorilla: Pro Tools. What is the hurry to cannibalize their audio product by giving sample accurate editing in MC? Companies routinely cannibalize from their other products — but they tend to do it slowly to get as much life and money out of them as possible. What Avid has done from 5.

I very much agree, they are laying a foundation for the future. Modernizing old codebases that have grown over such a long time is a huge undertaking that most users severely underestimate, and I applaud Avid for making it such a seamless experience. I completely agree about 3D, those features definitely seem like a marketing thing to me. As long as the Media Composer-based systems are not better suited as finishing tools, editing everything in 3D is just a luxury and a potential waste of space and disk bandwidth.

Thanks for your feedback! Reply Quote. I am not in the LA market, so take this as you will A tool is a tool and knowing more tools creates more opportunities. The higher pay thing That's the beauty thing about our business Pay is commensurate with experience. It's all about the content and the ability to manipulate it storytelling. Good luck. When life gives you dilemmas Shane Ross. Adobe Premiere is still in the lower rank jobs at the moment So if you know FCP And if they make the switch to Premiere Pro If you want to cut broadcast And broadcast is one of the higher paying jobs.

But Joe is right, pay scale is based on your level of storytelling ability and show experience. Knowing how to use the tool is a big bonus. But as most of the higher paying jobs use Avid MC Thank you Shane and joe. Steve Cohen's Avid Agility. Pretty much the bible. Learn from the best I always say I got right into the thick of it volunteering as a grafix mod over at the Avid Community Forum for a few years as well - learned a lot. Loren Miller. You will LOVE it. He has OUR head for detail.

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Get it. Every page turns you into a power user. Yet Avid maintains a stronghold. You needed to know both. Premiere Pro began making noise, but Adobe neutralized the excitement with a choiceless purchase model. You can of course stop paying when you don't need it but it's all a PITA. It's not user-centric.

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