Mac computer mouse and keyboard not working

Select the On radio button for Mouse Keys. Use the following keys on your numeric keypad to control the pointer: 8 will move the pointer up 4 will move the pointer to the left 6 will move the pointer to the right 2 will move the pointer down 7, 9, 1 and 3 will move the pointer diagonally 5 will perform a click If you use a laptop that does not have a numeric keypad, you can still the Mouse Keys feature, but you will need to press the Num Lock key first.

The Mouse Keys feature has the following options: Press the Option key five times to turn Mouse Keys on and off: creates a keyboard shortcut to activate Mouse Keys. Initial Delay: use the slider to set the delay before the pointer will start to move when you press a Mouse Key. Maximum Speed: use the slider to adjust the speed of the pointer when you use Mouse Keys. Ignore trackpad when mouse keys is on: will turn off the trackpad when Mouse Keys is turned on. Search for:.

Perhaps more people should call. Firstly let me say, well written article! Rendering my mid iMac useless of late. And now using the mac as my main work device. Poor show on Apples part in my opinion.

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Why should we need to wait this long? When spending large amounts for a premium product!! Rant over ;-. I have a Mid Mac-book Pro and the same exact issue and it still continues as of today July 29, I even turned off the 5GHz internet connection that I suspected it, but it was not. I think they know the problem well by now.

Turn off Handoff helped me in my case. However, this does not solve the problem completely because I would like to use this feature.. I have gone through removing OS Sierra and installing Yosemite less graphic construction and less heat and so less erratic jump , El-Capitan, and High Sierra Beta twice. They were right! I disassembled my logic card and put fresh thermal paste on the CPU and graphic chip and cleaned the mouse tracking pad with alcohol see YouTube video for 10 mins even there was not much dirt on it. Right on! My jumpy and erratic mouse problem has gone away.

The culprit highly likely is the mouse tracking pad! Love and hate! I have my good old days back! Final note that Apple knows this well and they should openly state about it on their web page. Until solved, so many people would be frustrated and suffered! But now it is over for me and thanks God!

Great post! I noticed that when I turned off wifi the issue went away and so far it has stayed so even when I turned wifi back on. Michael, thank you for such a fantastic and thorough article. Even as I type the lag time between keystrokes and printing on screen is over a second sometimes. Driving me crazy. When I reboot it seems to work sometimes for a couple hours.

Sometimes for 5 minutes. Please keep us posted on your findings.

Apple Wireless Mouse and Keyboard not Connecting? Easy Fix Tutorial :)

Running V I suspected the bluetooth hardware. I also wondered if it was interference near my mac, but nothing definitive. All other bluetooth objects in same vicinity work fine. Using Magic Keyboard and Trackpad2 as well.

OK, I love trying to solve problems. Interestingly, when I rebooted the mouse was immediately there and available for use. What I think is important is that when my mouse stopped working, the bluetooth symbol showed that BT had been turned off. I went via system preferences yet it would not turn BT back on no matter what I did.

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  • Wired Keyboard & Mouse not working..
  • The only way was a restart. There is a simple solution to the whole thing. I imagine that the keyboard that came with it would also work.

    macbook - Internal keyboard and trackpad quit working, mac not booting up properly - Ask Different

    Encountered keyboard issue after MacOS After several similar steps with Apple I supplied a data dump. So far, so good. I think this will fix the problem only temporarily. I only have two devices connected and still experience the problem in But please keep us posted!

    For Wireless Apple Keyboards

    Suggest forwarding your system image to Apple via L2 AC. I suggest availing yourself of their analysis. Brand new iMac 27 inch has this problem with a Japanese keyboard. Taking the battery out of that kbd and re-powering it up solved the recognition problem. I think this is probably a timing dependent problem in the BT interrupt handling.

    Mouse Keys and its modern usage

    It might even be that Mac OS sends garbage back to the keyboard, or that the keyboard itself has an internal timing issue. I have the same problem after upgrading my iMac from No problems with old OS, but I was forced to upgrade in order to use the newest Adobe apps. I use BT keyboard and trackpad plus a wired wacam tablet. I actually lose both BT keyboard and trackpad.

    No way to turn BT back on or shut down, except hard reboot.

    How to fix a broken Mac keyboard

    VERY frustrating! I have also upgraded to High Sierra and encountered the same issue with both the wireless mouse and keyboard disconnecting permanently and could only be reactivated thru hard reboot. Hope somebody finds a solution soon. Thanks for every other excellent post. Where else may anyone get that kind of info in such a perfect way of writing?

    Thanks for the insights. In my Mac the wi-fi and bluetooth card is just next the superdrive location. I really think that the issue is a mix, or sum, of factors. If your Mac is under pressure high load your hard drive is spinning more more interferences and the Grand Central Dispatch is suffering, so the issue is probably amplified. I can confirm now that the issue is now present in High Sierra too.

    Yup my brand new 5K iMac i7 1TB ssd has this problem. Anyway I can assure you this will definitely work and will work flawlessly! I have been trying to fix this for so long now that it is driving me absolutely bonkers! Mouse works perfectly fine in all versions of Windows on the same Macbooks yet go spaz soon as I boot into OSx? Disabling the hand off feature is a good start as I believe this has a significant influence in making the BT stutter much worse. So turn that off first. Does anyone here remember having any of this BT issues way back in say Maverics?

    Good ol Mavs was a nice stable OS in my Opinion. Do you? Like things connected instantly and pairing happened in a matter of seconds……none of this searching and waiting to even see the devices list like we see in Sierra and below in this day and age…. Somewhere down deep down inside the installer package is a Packages directory and within that I pulled 3 files of interest called Essentials. I extracted these with an app called unpkg handy to have for things just like this. I extracted those packages to a mavs folder on desktop.

    Now somewhere inside one of those extracted I think it may have been Essentials?