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This can be used to get mac address for remote computers also. Below are few examples on how to use this command. This command does not show mac addresses for the network connections which are disabled. You can run ncpa. Further, I have received comments that this command does not help identify the mac address for a specific device. For example, if I need to get the mac address for my WiFi card, output of getmac command is not helpful.

We can use ipconfig command to deal with this. You will be prompted to enter the password and the command execution will take place after that. Using getmac command we can retrieve the mac addresses of the machines running windows OS only.

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Physical address is nothing but mac address. Can you give me solution for below error. I am using Windows 7 32 bit OS. Mac id is nothing but the physical address.

You can reply them with whatever you see in physical address column. Any device, not just windows, eg wireless camera. Hope this helps. Cheers :. Nice Info.

T -- How do I assign a 'Hostname' to a MAC address? – Actiontec Support

However this does not work if you are trying to get Mac address of Dump devices like printers, switches, etc. Neither does ARP. Good day. I need to find a mac adress of a remote site sagem ma Can see it on the system but remote log on by sagem check do not give the mac adress. I am on a different ip range as the device. What program can i down load. Make sure you are running as administrator just go to the bottom left corner of your screen and right click, on the menu select Command Prompt Admin.

When i run the Getmac command it returns 3 mac addresses. Which one is correct? What are the other 2 Mac addresses listed and what order do they appear in? I can see two issues: 1. And the linked script gives a screenful of errors as soon as you load it into PS. I confirmed that the script does indeed display the MAC address.

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I added the output to my answer. Most scripts like the one I linked require some tweaking for your environment. Did you try? What version of Windows are you running it on? Because the script just hung when I ran it.

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