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When it is released, Jaguar will introduce a number of changes into OS X.

Mactaris: Microsoft LifeCam NX on Mac OS X

Look for spring-loaded folders--a familiar element from the classic Mac OS--to appear in the Finder, working in icon, list, and column views. The Finder also adds multithreading support and an integrated search function. Quartz figures into another improvement introduced in Jaguar--universal accessibility. Using the graphics engine, Mac users can zoom in on portions of the screen, making it easier to see text files and QuickTime movies.

Other accessibility enhancements include a screen reader that will read any text you place a cursor over, full keyboard access, and visual notification. Jaguar promises to improve OS X's Mail feature, adding intelligent spam filtering, auto-merged mailboxes, cross-mailbox searching, color highlighting to set apart threads and messages from specific people, and QuickTime support. As an example, Jobs talked about using the Address Book's rollover menu to automatically dial a phone number from a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.

Jaguar will also incorporate updated versions of existing Apple software.

The OS X update will ship with Sherlock 3. The latest version of the Internet search and services engine will add new channels that look for images, news, and Yellow Pages-type content. Besides updating existing features and applications, Jaguar will introduce new capabilities to OS X. Chief among them is Inkwell, a handwriting recognition technology that will look familiar to anyone who's ever seen a Newton handheld device in action.

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Inkwell will work with any application that accepts text input. Ken Bereskin, Apple's director of product marketing for OS technologies, demonstrated Inkwell in Adobe Photoshop 7, using a pen tool and his own handwriting to change the text of a banner. Create an account on Neowin to contribute and support the site. When I'm in Mac mode, I can use this camera but the video seems distorted.

Lifecam vx 3000 driver Mac Os X

Are the are drivers official or unofficial? I've never had much luck with my LifeCam on OS X either, mine always did this strange rainbow strobe effect.

Adapting The Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000 for Astrophotography

The difference is very significant It's been a few years already that they don't update the webcams in our Macs. That's a shame though.

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  • OSX supports many webcams but with it's generic drivers, you'll get poor quality. Without a driver specific to your webcams feature set, you won't get all the perks that the camera offers. It has more to do with the software rather than the hardware.

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    Yeah, the huge amount of people with Macs that want to buy a webcam because their built-in one isn't enough is It doesn't matter, those cameras only send p in a webcam session, which you can do on Skype. They only work in p for recording video, like for posting on YouTube or something. It makes strictly no sense to include their most used and fun webcam application without proper picture settings.

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    If this works for others, someone who knows how should point this out to the right folks. Good luck and good day all. Same problems here too. Lifecam VX working fine under XP, but have just finished a brand new clean build of Vista X64 and my Lifecam is the first piece of hardware and software after the basic OS and drivers to be installed. Apparently they really love price gouging monopolies!

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    Microsoft office for mac This build works for the VX as well, though I am having trouble getting Skype to recognise the new macam. It keeps saying 'no video camera connected', though I don't think that is a problem with the build, but skype instead, because just before I changed the old component 0.

    The picture in macam program is much better.

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    • Now how the hell do I get skype working? To close the window I have to shut it down in Task Manager. Sometimes the window will open but all I get is the hour-glass icon which never stops. Again I have to shut it down through Task Mangager.

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      I called Microsoft for tech support. I will admit that getting through was fast. I was surprised! It's all the same.